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Vice Chancellor’s Message

The University of Bagamoyo greatly appreciates your decision to pursue your studies here. We shall do our very best to meet your expectations. Our Prospectus presents the types of courses we offer plus other necessary services relevant to the academy. We hope you will find them useful
The University of Bagamoyo is a new comer in the academy. We are just in our third year but the thinking about establishing a private university of this kind is not a new one. It has been in our minds and on the drawing board for a long time now. Tanzania needs good private education now than ever before. There are about 40 universities and university colleges now but not a single operating private university. Tanzanians need private quality education here so as not to send their children outside the country to get education, which is not just expensive, but possibly not very relevant.

We want to give Tanzanians a choice which they have been deprived for far too long. The freedom is now theirs. The aim of this University is to provide competitive high quality education that challenges the established ethos and norms. Our teaching will be modern and delivered by qualified instructors and professors. Our teaching facilities are modern and comfortable, and conveniently located.

However, we have one appeal to make. Our current campus at Kawe is only temporary; our long term location is at Kiromo near Bagamoyo where we have already acquired plenty of land. We would like to appeal for your understanding if current facilities are not optimal. We are also open for any discussion on how to improve the comfort of your stay here.

Otherwise, I wish you success in your studies and safe stay with us until you finish.


Costa R. Mahalu
Vice Chancellor


Growing in the UB way is the dreams come true, to achieve the success will be tremendous as tutors and lecturer does at UB


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