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The University of Bagamoyo is an independent, privately owned non denominational and non-partisan institution of higher learning.   The University is owned by a Registered Board of Trustees.  The  founding  of University is part  and  parcel  of a great  vision to  seek the  achievement  of a free and democratic Tanzania being guided by principles of social justice,  equity, and peace.
These principles includes, inter alias, the empowerment of the Tanzanian public with education  in the prevailing  socio-economic context,  with a view to creating strong democratic  civil society that respects democratic  constitutionalism,  the rule of law, good governance,  and holistic social, economical, political,  and  varied  belief systems  of the  society.  Within  this  context,  the Registered  Board of Trustees  of the University  believes in an integrated formation  that aims  at  a holistic  nurturing of a human  being,  in which  the mind, the spirit,  and the body are involved in producing a human  being of a new type.  The University academic programmes take leadership and individual personality nurturance as the core elements around which knowledge gravitates.  The knowledge has to be relevant and of high quality so as to be beneficial to the society in general.

Historical Roots of the University

Universities are founded on the basis of past and current momentous changes taking place in society.  The University of Bagamoyo is no exceptional.  Currently, Tanzania greatly needs high quality education and training.   The population participation rates are as low as about 3 percent for University Education and training!   Graduate education in the country has very low enrolments. At this rate the nation cannot take off in its mission to achieve middle income social and economic status.  For economic takeoff Tanzania need participation rates of between 12 and 15 percent.   Tanzania needs a qualitative  leap in its  social and  economic development,  from the  current dependent into  the self reliant,  confident,  and  self conscious nation  that it was during  its first two decades after  independence.   Tanzania is ready for a new liberation through education that can disentangle it from the current dependency syndrome.  Tanzania needs young and highly educated civil society capable of generating and sustainably propelling changes in all sectors of the social economic life. Tanzania needs an intelligentsia that thinks out- side existing knowledge boxes and the University of Bagamoyo is prepared and ready to play its role in this renewed liberation struggle.
The  Trustees  of the  University  of Bagamoyo  realize  that the  current trend  of  blaming  government  leaders  for every problem  or looking to  the Government to solve all problems is not at all helpful to the development of Tanzania. Such attitude only aggravates the dependency and poverty situation that Tanzania is at present in. Many leaders never attended formal or informal leadership training and this may in part explain some of the current problems the country is now facing. To address this problem the existing governance  structures must  be  provided  with  leaders  who are well trained and committed to the task  of developing the country  and propelling it into modernity  and prosperity. Traditionally the mainstream education content imparted to the youth of this nation has predominantly aimed at producing timid job seekers. In  order  to  foster  and  engender  positive  change  of the mindset  of the Tanzanian youth  the University of Bagamoyo is committed to do all that is possible to create  a new breed of university  graduates who are motivated  and committed  to solve the vexing problems  of poverty and backwardness; graduates who strive for ”self-employment and job creation” rather than being only ”job seekers”. The focus of the University of Bagamoyo shall therefore  be to produce graduates who will able to employ themselves  and or join together  with  other  members  of society in creating  jobs  for  others and  ensuring  full utilization of their  academic  and professional capabilities and potential.
In this  respect  the  University  of Bagamoyo  intends  to put  actions  into its Leadership’s  belief that waiting  for the government to solve all national  problems is a disservice to the people of Tanzania. The University  therefore intends  to fully participate in solving national  problems  through  the design and  delivery of  curricula  and  student activity  programs  that will prepare good and committed leaders of tomorrow.

The Historical Context of the Name Bagamoyo

The name Bagamoyo, is derived from etymological concept:  bwagamoyo which was the act of slaves hurling their emaciated bodies to the ground, after  the  end of the  long and  torturous caravan  route  from the  interior  of the country.  The route  spanned  hundreds of kilometers  of walking from the Congo-DRC to Bagamoyo  through  a long torturous route  bound  in chains, and carrying  several kilograms of trade  wares such as ivory tusks,  gold, and white  human beings. This was the height of human debasement, suffering, and endurance. From Bagamoyo the tired and dispirited slaves were forced into the bowels of slave ships for an even much longer, and dangerous trip to unknown lands across vast oceans.   Therefore  the  word ”Bagamoyo”  is also a moniker for the helplessness and hopelessness that the African slaves who were our great-great-great grandmothers and grandfathers, felt as they embarked  on the  long journey  into  the  unknown  lands  across  the  Indian Ocean,  the Atlantic  and Pacific oceans.
The ancient slave trade gives Bagamoyo a historical heritage that is rare and unique.  The University  of Bagamoyo wants to turn  this otherwise dark,  exasperating and  ignominious  part  of the  African  and  in particular Tanzanian  human  history  into  an  exciting  cultural engagement  aimed  at making the University of Bagamoyo a learning centre of excellence for critical cultural studies, governance,  and tourism.  This role shall make Bagamoyo a gem not only in East Africa, but also in Africa and the world.  Students of the University will thus be able to enjoy Bagamoyo’s exquisite cultural ambiance and the historical heritage that is characteristic of Tanzanian hospitality to the whole mankind.
The University of Bagamoyo, motivated by the historical context of Bagamoyo and Tanzania, plans to create programs that offer new dimensions and contributions to science, technology, and the liberal arts. Through  the establishment of UB, the  founders  of the  University  hope to bequeath  the nation  and  mankind,  a priceless pearl  in the  midst  of the  white  soothing sands of  Bagamoyo. There  could  not  be a better choice for the  kind  of University  that the  Regents  of the  new University  have in mind  than  Bagamoyo Township  itself.  Bagamoyo,  where the  ignorance  and pangs  of fear and the great  pain and suffering wrought by the slavery era still lingers on, needs to  be re-charged  and  re-invigorated by the  University  of Bagamoyo so that later,  many years from now, the generations  that shall pass through  the Bagamoyo University  will proudly utter: ”‘Through  Bagamoyo we were enslaved, and through  Bagamoyo we were liberated”’.


Growing in the UB way is the dreams come true, to achieve the success will be tremendous as tutors and lecturer does at UB


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