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The Founding Principles


The Founding Principles of the University

The University of Bagamoyo  believes that there  is at  present a great  leadership  void the  country  and  this  serves as a backdrop for the  design and development of all UB Curricula. The UB curriculum therefore has a great emphasis on imparting leadership and governance skills among all students of the University irrespective of specialization. Either, the university of Bagamoyo shall concentrate in such fields of knowledge where there is, within the country, sufficient capacity and human resource strength to ensure quality education and professionalism.  The University of Bagamoyo also considers it very important that its curriculum design takes into consideration the need to make good education affordable to the majority of the poverty stricken people of Tanzania. At the same time  the  University  shall  aim  at  establishing  its  niche  in  rare  but  essential  fields of knowledge  at  a  reasonable price.


The  University  has  its  eyes on the  sky and  its  feet on the  ground  and  it is  therefore  guided  by the  Vision to  become:  ”A   Unique World Class Centre  of  Excellence in  Offering University Education  Focusing on  Leadership  and Governance”


The Mission of the University of Bagamoyo is:  To nurture and develop socially conscious, committed and ethical human being through integrated holistic formation.

Guiding Philosophy

The guiding philosophy of the University of Bagamoyo is:
”To lead is to show the way”.


Growing in the UB way is the dreams come true, to achieve the success will be tremendous as tutors and lecturer does at UB


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