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As Chancellor of the University of Bagamoyo, I would like to take this opportunity to greatly congratulate the Management of the University for taking us this far such that this academic year we have over 600 students spread over all the three Colleges of the University: Law, Education and Science. I know the first steps in creating a new university can be and are difficult and tricky. It required courage, persistence, and ability to take bold steps and say:”‘Yes we can do it”’.

The greatest challenge in establishing a new private university is the funding to finance infrastructure and pay staff. I am glad that the Management was able to raise start up resources from a variety of sources until the fees started to trickle in. It is my hope that our fees will be reasonable and affordable to the poor peasants who form the bulk of the parents of our students.

I know all our eyes are focusing on the Kiromo Campus, near Bagamoyo where most of the undergraduate programs will be offered. It is my hope that we shall be able to maintain the Dar es Salaam Campus for graduate programs and evening studies. Lastly, but not least, may I also offer my warm appreciation to the core staff of the University, who even when they could not be paid well, they persisted and stayed on to help the Management to prepare the programs and courses ready for the take off last season. I heartily say God Bless.

On behalf of the Council and the Board of Trustees I wish the University of Bagamoyo a happy take off.


Rev. Bishop Elinaza K. Sendoro


Growing in the UB way is the dreams come true, to achieve the success will be tremendous as tutors and lecturer does at UB


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