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In establishing the University of Bagamoyo, the Founders have complied with the legal procedures for the establishment of universities stipulated by the Universities Act, 2005 and the Universities (Chartering, Registration and Accreditation Procedures) Regulations, 2006. Pursuant to this legal framework, the UB Founders lodged requisite application forms for the accreditation of UB academic programs in January 28th 2010 and the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) sent an Inspection Team on 22nd February 2010. On 22nd February 2010 the team inspected UB teaching facilities. On 23rd February 2010 the team visited the UB land plots of at Kiromo (100 Acres) and Makurunge in Bagamoyo (100 acres).
The TCU team made several recommendations that were subsequently implemented by the Regents of the UB. The TCU sent a Technical Verification team to the University of Bagamoyo on the 27th January 2011 which certified that the UB founders had completed all the procedures and requirements. The TCU, having satisfied itself as to the capacity of UB to offer University Degree Courses granted the University of Bagamoyo a go ahead to start its academic programmes in September 2011 through the award of Certificate of Provisional Registration (CPR) no 33 dated March 18th 2011.


Growing in the UB way is the dreams come true, to achieve the success will be tremendous as tutors and lecturer does at UB


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