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The College of Education is one of the three pioneering Constituent Colleges of the University of Bagamoyo.  Its main focus is initially to focus on graduate education as where the baseline survey has shown to have deficit in the current national educational structure.  However, specialized, high demand undergraduate  programs  are  be accommodated so as to  meet  the  holistic formation  of a human  being in the mission of the University  of Bagamoyo.

The General Objectives of the College

The College was established with specific objectives namely;

    1. Contribute in meeting  the  growing demand  for graduate teachers  in the  country,  especially  in emerging  and  high  demand  fields such  as ICT,  Mathematics, Accountancy,   English  Language,  Environmental Science, Life Sciences, and Foreign  Languages.
    2. Expand the pool of education experts through strong graduate education.
    3. Meet the demand for recurrent retooling needs among teachers and educators in general.

The Structure of the College

The College has three operating units, which are:

  • Faculty of Undergraduate Studies: 
    This faculty will offer two specialized teaching programs:
  1. BA Education: Aiming at preparation of secondary school teachers  in  Second  Language  Teaching,  Teaching  of emerging  disciplines  such  as  ICT,  Economics,  Accountancy,   Commerce,  and Business Studies.
  2. BSc Education: Aiming at preparation of secondary school teachers to teach Mathematics, Statistics, basic sciences (e.g. biology, chemistry and physics) and Applied Sciences ( e.g., Environmental and Health  )

Details of the Programme
For  specialized  Degree,  Students will take  One  Major  [6 Units]  and One  Minor  [4 Units],  plus  Education [4Units],  or Two Majors for a BA General Degree: The possible combinations for the initial  process with plans to expand  in future  are:-

    1. Biology, Geography, Education;
    2. Economics, Financing, Education;
    3. English, German or French, Education;
    4. Geography, Environmental Science, Education;
    5. Law, Governance, Education;
    6. Finance, Accountancy, Education;
    7. Philosophy, Psychology, Education;
    8. Economics, Finance, Education;
    9. English, Geography, Education;


  • The Faculty of Graduate Education:    

This faculty has three programs:

    1. Postgraduate Diploma in Education
    2. Postgraduate Teaching Certificate
    3. M A [Education]

General M.A- Education: This  program comprises a core program  and  three  options  Core  Courses  [3] Optional  or Streams  [2 courses] plus Dissertation.  The three options are;-

    1. Educational Management and Administration
    2. Educational Psychology and Assessment
    3. Curriculum and Teaching
  • The Institute for Education (Research, Consultancy, and Short term Training):

 This Institute is responsive in the sense of meeting society’s needs and demands; however, some proactive annual training courses will be a permanent feature.  Such courses will include:

      1. University  Teaching  Methods  and Learning  Improvement
      2. Effective Learning and Teaching Assessment in Universities
      3. Annual Research Workshop in Education.
      4. Annual Research Methods Workshops

Ag.Principal College of Education


   Dr. Mary A. Mosha     

College of Edu Staff

  • Permanent Staff
    • Professor Elias Bayona
    • Dr. Mary Mosha
    • Dr Josephine Yambi
    • Ms. E. Ndunguru
    • Mr. C. Mbiu
  • Part time Staff
    • Dr. Mtesigwa
    • Dr. B. Kanukisya
    • Dr. V. Anney
    • Dr. Kahangwa
    • Dr. G. Fredrick
    • Ms. E. Kilasi
    • Ms. E. Kilasi
    • Ms. Z.  Saul
    • Ms. M.  Mgaya
    • Ms. Dorothea John
    • Ms. Kihongosi
    • Mr. Mshana
    • Mr. Kileo
    • Mr.Joachim Simbila
    • Mr. G. Mwombeki
    • Dr. Maro



Growing in the UB way is the dreams come true, to achieve the success will be tremendous as tutors and lecturer does at UB


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