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The College of Science, Informatics and the Built Environment is one of the three pioneering Constituent Colleges of the University of Bagamoyo.   Its main focus is initially to focus on graduate education in science and informatics where various baseline surveys have shown a big deficit in the current national educational structure. An equally important area  of concern  that this  college places  emphasis  on  is the  lack of scientists  and  professionals versed in the  fields of environmental  science, environmental  management, planning,  design and construction in the built environment and geo-science. The  academic  research  and  outreach  programs  of the  college are designed to  address  these  key national  deficiencies while at  the  same  time  accommodating  the  University’s  mission of the  holistic formation  of a  scientists,  engineers and professionals  who are conscious of the African peoples painful history  and  at  the  same  time  are  capable  of rising  above the  limitations imposed by the African peoples past  history.

The General Objectives of the College

The College was established with the following specific objectives:

      1. Contribute in meeting the growing demand in the country and African region for graduates in the fields of basic sciences, and professionals in the areas of Computer Science, Technology, Informatics, environmental science and Engineering.
      2. To meet the growing need for quality science, mathematics and ICT teachers at primary, secondary schools and tertiary institutions in the country
      3. To expand the pool of experts in science, informatics and the built environment through quality graduate education.
      4. To Generate  a new breed of self aware Tanzanian scientists,  engineers, information  science specialists  and  professionals  in the  built  environment  application fields that are  capable  of finding solutions  to  out- standing national  problems  through  active and effective research.

The Structure of the College

The College has four operational academic units:

    • Faculty of Basic Sciences:

This faculty concentrates on science education and it has initially three degree programs:

      1. B.Sc. Biology: Aiming at the creation of biological science scientists and experts.
      2. B.Sc. Chemistry:
      3. B.Sc. Physics:
      4. B.Sc. with Education: Aiming at creation of capacity for teaching biology, chemistry and physics at secondary and university levels
      5.  Faculty of Informatics and Communication Technology:  This faculty  specializes teaching and  research  in the  fields of information  science, computer science, information  and communication technology and geo-informatics  and it has three  initial  degree programs:
      6. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc. IT)
      7. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.Sc.  CS)
      8. Bachelor of Science in Geoinformatics (B.Sc.  GI)
  •  Faculty  of  the Built Environment:        

The focus of this faculty is education and research in environmental science, environmental management, natural resources governance and planning, design and construction of the built environment.  The initial degree offerings of this faculty are:

      1. B.Sc. Geomatics
      2. B.Sc. Construction Management
      3. B.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning
      4. B.Sc. Environmental Management
      5. B.Sc. Real Estates Management
  • Institute of Applied Sciences The Institute of Applied Science is responsible for applied research and outreach programs in all the areas of specialization of the College.  Either the Institute is charged with the responsibility of pioneering research and education programs in the frontiers of science and technology.  The initial postgraduate academic programs of the Institute include:
    1. Masters of Science in Geoinformatics (M.Sc. GI)
    2. Masters of Science in Geomatics (M.Sc.  GM)
    3. Masters of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc. IT)
    4. Masters of Science in Computer Science (M.Sc.  CS)
    5. Masters of Science in Mathematics and Statistics (M.Sc.  MTS)
  • The Institute also offers a three year diploma program in science that covers physics, chemistry, biology, geography, and mathematics. The main target group for this program is form four leavers who do not wish to pursue university education through an alternative route.  The Diploma options available are:
    1. Diploma in Science with Education (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
    2. Diploma in Science with Education (Chemistry, Biology, Geography)
    3. Diploma  in Science with Education (Physics,  Chemistry,  Maths)
    4. Diploma  in Science with Education (Biology, Chemistry,  Maths)
    5. Diploma in Laboratory Science Technology  (Physics,  Chemistry, Maths)
    6. Diploma in Laboratory Science Technology (Biology, Chemistry, Maths)
    7. Diploma in Laboratory Science Technology (Physics,   Biology, Maths)
    8. Diploma in Laboratory Science Technology (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
    9. Diploma in Laboratory Science Technology (Biology, Geography, Maths)

College Principal, CoSIBE


Core Staff of COSIBE

  • Permanent Staff
    • Dr William M Kudoja
    • Dr Elifuraha G Mtalo
    • Dr Abilahi Chande
    • Ms Rose Funja
    • Mr Leonard Bamuhiga
    • Mr Nyangi Magore
    • Miss Catherine Privatus
    • Ms. Mwanaidi
    • Mr Charles Mahona
    • Mr Romuald Jwangi
  • Part time Staff
    • Prof. Mkayula
    • Dr Ngenya
    • Dr Mdoe
    • Dr Mdachi
    • Dr Nyandoro
    • Dr Makame
    • Dr Yarro
    • Dr Rubindmayugi
    • Dr Benno
    • Dr Nyundo
    • Dr Ndangalasi
    • Dr Kamukuru
    • Dr Godfrey
    • Dr Makene
    • Dr Shilla
    • Dr Sangu
    • Dr Kanyeka
    • Dr Tibunhwa
    • Dr. Job A Chaula
    • Ms Blanka Tobias
    • Mr David Laiboo
    • Mr Zacharia Ngereja


Growing in the UB way is the dreams come true, to achieve the success will be tremendous as tutors and lecturer does at UB


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