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College of Business and Economic Studies (COBES)

About the College.

The College Business and Economic Studies (COBES) was established in 2016 as provided for by the University of Bagamoyo Charter and in light of socio-economic demands of society which is currently pushing hard to reduce the massive unemployment in Tanzania especially amongst the youth, set for industrialization, and to participate gainfully in the international cum regional trade and development arena it is in.

The University of Bagamoyo was was accredited to operate as a Higher Education Institution in 2009 and comprises, inter alia, Colleges of Law, Sciences, Education and its allied sciences. The university operates in the City of Da es Salaam at the moment and soon to be in the city of Bagamoyo. The University has been offering courses at certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Post Graduate degree levels.

The College of Business and Economic Studies intends to have offerings at all levels as is the pattern with other colleges of the university of Bagamoyo.


The General Objectives of the College, Production of Job Creators.

The College is the fourth to be established by the University of Bagamoyo. Though not directly related to the other three colleges, its creation is a major step to the university’s consolidation and constructive diversification. On the basis of the foundations laid already in Sciences, Education and Law, the university symbiotically brings in, the BES College, to train students who as graduates capacities to be largely Job creators than job seekers. Already some students from existing colleges have produced locally a carbonated/fizzy drink and have come to management for support in the next steps to be taken. The college aims at ensuring that students, working in teams, deal with such matters through Business Incubations(in centres) integrating acquired knowledge and skills to professionally plan their new business start-ups and commercialize smoothly and create jobs through their enterprises. Accordingly the Colleges programs have been designed purposively to deliver such objectives.. Through well thought-out Quality assurance systems management, monitoring and evaluations will ensure the design objectives are realized through skill-formation techniques in case studies, tutorials and feasibility studies which will be encouraged as part of course fulfilments. Student assessments will also target such deliverables without exceptions.


The Structure of the College

The College of BES is structured as follows: Faculty and programmes

  1. The Business and Management Faculty:
    1. Executive Master of Business Administration, Generic, EMBA-G.
    2. Executive Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, EMBA-E.
  2. The Accounting and Finance Faculty:
    1. Executive Master of Business Administration in Finance, EMBA-F.
  1. The Economics and Development Faculty:
    1. Master of Science in Project Management
    2. Master of Science in Investment Management, MSC-IM

Operationally each Faculty will be responsible for course deliveries and student pastoral care at both the Undergraduate and Post graduate levels and across the university Faculties where such services are needed and agreed

Principal, College of BES

Prof. Frywell Shaba Chirwa

        Prof. Frywell Shaba Chirwa       

Core Staff of COBES

    1. Permanent Staff

Professor Frywell Shaba Chirwa (PhD): BA Econ, MBA, PhD.

Wario Wako: Dip-Ed, BA-HRM, MSC-HRM, PhD-HRM

Musa Kasirika:BA and MBA.

Adrian Msilikale: BA-HRM, MBA-HRM

Redegunda: BA, MBA and CPA.

Cosntatine Mnzeru, BA and Masters Accountancy

Alison temu, BBA and MBA

Insila Kweka, BA Mathematics and Masters


                  Part time Staff

 (part time staff to be procured as the need arises)


Growing in the UB way is the dreams come true, to achieve the success will be tremendous as tutors and lecturer does at UB


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