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The UB’s Charter provides for the formation of student organization that will assume leadership role the students’ side. The Students organization shall be formed in accordance with the UB Charter and the University of Bagamoyo Students Organization (UBSO) constitution.  In the period prior to holding the general election meeting Students shall form an interim Government that will cooperate with the college of law constitutional department to form a draft constitution for their organization. The draft  will be  reviewed  by  the  students’  constitution committee  formed  by  the  class representatives from all classes, and the outcome shall be shared among the students through  their  class groupings.   The comments shall then be gathered by the constitution committee and a final draft will be compiled.  The final draft will be shared across the UB academic departments again and once approved by all students; the interim government shall submit the draft constitution to the University Council through the Student Affairs Manager.
The UB Governing Council may either:  

      1. Approve the constitution as presented or, 
      2. Approve the constitution subject to amendments.

If approved without change, the student’s interim government will proceed to call for an election. If returned for amendments the constitution committee will then proceed with structuring and modifying the document for verification of compliance by the Student Affairs Manager. Upon approval of the amendments the interim government will then proceed with preparation of elections. After Election the student government will then be endorsed by the university council. Selected members of the student’s organization will sit as student’s representatives in the University Council and SENATE. The student’s organization will be registered with the office of the Students Affairs Manager (SAM) according to the university charter and the UB student’s by-laws.


Growing in the UB way is the dreams come true, to achieve the success will be tremendous as tutors and lecturer does at UB


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