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Certificate in ICT - Research Tools

CERIFICATE IN ICT - Research Tools

Course Content

Module1: Introduction to the R System

    • Acquiring and installing the R-system
    • Hands on practice with R data input and Output
    • Domain specific data processing
    • Individual data processes and analysis
    • Preparation of R processes and Analysis of results for publication

Module 2: The Tex Studio

    • Acquiring and installing the R studio
    • Introduction to the Latex document production system
    • Structure and organizing specific reports with texStudio
    • Effective literature citation and referencing system (The BibTex Bibliographic system)
    • Effective cross referencing in scientific publications
    • Publishing standards and formats for major Journals and book publishers
    • Producing publications for online dissemination

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of Module 1 participants will be able to:

    • Import data into the R system and output data in common export format
    • Preprocess data for scientific analysis
    • Use the R system to implement domain models
    • Solve domain problems using the R system
    • Organize research results for scientific publishing

By the end of Module 2 participants will be able to:

    • Install and configure the TexStudiofor  scientific publication
    • Setup the Texstudio system for specific publication formats/guidelines
    • Use the Texstudio to format and structure a scientific report or journal publication
    • Produce a high quality scientific report or journal paper

Course Duration: 2 weeks

Cost: 350,000Tzs

The course is run for every 10 students confirmation



Growing in the UB way is the dreams come true, to achieve the success will be tremendous as tutors and lecturer does at UB


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