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MA in Education and Allied Social Sciences


MA in Education and Allied Social Sciences

General Aim:
The Program aims at developing advanced Analytical Capacities and
Innovative Leadership in Education
General Objectives:
At the end of the Program, students should be able to:

  1. Analyze educational issues and theories
  2. Design and implement an applied research project
  3. Develop innovative educational interventions
  4. Evaluate educational innovations and interventions

Program Duration
The programme will cover Twelve Months (12) of taught courses and Six Months (6) of Dissertation work.
Program Structure
Semester I:

  1. Research Methods in Education and Social Science
  2. The Study of Teaching and Learning
  3. Education in International Perspectives

Semester II:

  1. Education Policy Analysis and Planning
  2. Educational Interventions and Analysis
  3. Education and the Development of Countries
  4. Management and Leadership in Educational Institutions

Semester III:

  1. Dissertation
  2. Computer Applications in of Educational Enterprise


  1. Courses are by Assignments and Presentations
  2. Take Home or Open Books Examination
  3. Dissertation by Internal and External Examiners


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